David-Crystal-round-black-and-white“YES is a magazine that gets everything right.

It more than lives up to its editorial claim that English learners will ‘discover the pleasure of learning’. Well-chosen spoken and written content, combined with accessible and attractive page-design is the key – but once someone is attracted to read, the crucial test is how the material is handled from the learner’s point of view, and it is here that YES excels, with its compact within-page treatments and above all its footnoted definitions in easier English. I know from personal experience how tricky it is to provide that kind of lexical support, having compiled an English-learners’ glossary of a novel using a restricted defining vocabulary, and the glosses to my mind are one of the magazine’s best features. I give a resounding ‘yes’ to YES.”

Best-selling author and world-renown guru on the English language

What Our Readers Are Saying

  • "Congratulations, the magazine is awesome! I bought the second issue, interesting articles, good conversations. You kept the same quality of Think in English. These magazines have been helping me to improve my English, mainly the listening."
  • "Yes magazine is very useful and also entertaining. I recommend to all the people who want to improve their English to buy them. It is better than Think in English."
  • "This is to congratulate you and your team, on the new YES magazine. I bought the first issue and I really like it."
  • "I read the first number of YES and I like it very much."
  • "Ya les gustaría a muchos grandes como Longman o Cambridge hacer el inglés tan entretenido como vosotros."
  • "Your magazine is very good."

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  • Yes Volume 11 is now available for download in Yes Magazine+, the app for iPad. http://t.co/XG2L4qm1fC
  • A Muslim butcher’s in Tooting, London, is called, “Halal – Is It Meat You’re Looking For?”. For + funny shop names, see Yes 11.
  • Lava can flow faster than a greyhound at top speed. + in Yes 11.
  • The word "twitter" was used in 1374 by Geoffrey Chaucer.
  • In 1811 nearly 25% of women in Britain were called Mary.
  • The 1923 Kanto Earthquake in Japan was accompanied by a typhoon, a firestorm, landslides, a tsunami and tornados of fire. + in Yes11.
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