Idioms Exercise – Colors


Idioms Exercise – Colors

Test your knowledge of English idioms by filling the gaps in the following expressions with a colour word:

1. Samuel seems to think it is really important to work for a ______-chip company but I prefer to work for a small family firm.


2. I do wish he’d stop ____-nosing and concentrate on working with the rest of the team.


3. The novel would have been much more forceful if it had been written without all those _______ patches.


4. The _____back finally moved into positive territory against the Euro and the Yen today.


5. If we ignore the _____ economy we will miss out on a major market opportunity. Gay consumers could be an important sector for our products.


6. It’s his stag night and he’s determined to paint the town _____ before getting married.


7. My new refrigerator has _____tooth technology and it tells me when I run out of eggs or milk.


8. Apartments in that part of town are relatively cheap because it’s the ____-light district.


9. All this _____-sky thinking is all very well but we must concentrate on the bottom line. It’s profits that keep us in business.


10. You can be sure to get the ____-carpet treatment in that hotel. It’s the best one in the city.



1. blue

2. brown

3. purple

4. green

5. pink

6. red

7. blue

8. red

9. blue

10. red

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