Sentence Correction Exercise – Word Order


Sentence Correction Exercise – Word Order

Decide if the word order in the following sentences is correct or not. If it is not, correct the sentence:

1. What a shame! She is a such enthusiastic student and she deserved to pass the exam.


2. It was a so complicated question that I couldn’t begin to answer it.


3. I’d like half a pint of lager and a pint of bitter, please.


4. He made a rather stupid error in his driving test.


5. It was a quite daunting task and I’m proud that we even tried to do it.


6. How a fast car do you want to purchase?


7. It’s going to be a too cold day to go swimming. Let’s visit the picture gallery.


8. Many a good soldier has died because he couldn’t rely on his comrades.


9. Don’t look at me! I’ve been sitting here the whole time and Joey’s been sitting there the all time, too.


10. That’s just the kind of thing I’d expect you to say in a situation like this.


11. There were a quite few friends of yours at the reunion. You should have come.


12. I haven’t seen such a good documentary in a long time.


13. She made a quite effort to be friendly. He should have accepted the olive branch.


14. Could you buy a half dozen eggs while you are at the shops? I’m going to make a soufflé.


15. However a brilliant mathematician he is, it doesn’t mean he can teach well.



  1. She is such an enthusiastic student
  2. It was so complicated a question… (it could be “It was such a complicated…” but this would not be a question of word order)
  3. correct (“a half pint of lager” is also possible)
  4. correct (“rather a stupid error” is also possible)
  5. correct (“quite a daunting task” is also possible)
  6. How fast a car…?
  7. It’s going to be too cold a day
  8. correct
  9. Joey’s been sitting there all the time, too.
  10. correct
  11. There were quite a few friends…
  12. correct
  13. She made quite an effort
  14. correct (“half a dozen” is also possible)
  15. However brilliant a mathematician he is…

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