Sentence Shuffle Exercise


Sentence Shuffle Exercise: ‘Able To’

All of the following sentences use a form of ‘able to’. As you can see, the order of the words in each sentence has been mixed up. Determine which tense of ‘able to’ is being used in each case and then try to put the sentences in the correct order:

1. are you guitarist know a I, are any instruments able you there are to play other but?


2. take to the vet I’ll the Friday to cats able be on .


3. family’s the post to obtain a was in government connections able thanks She to her.


4. could time Dutch speak by was son the he His three.


5. you could a wasn’t to If I the beach hand going I give.


6. has the surf able age since He five been to of.


7. been done ease would’ve it If pain I to had able her I.


8. wants by next opera able be to sing summer to She.


9. to tie by to now his able shoes be ought He.


10. for recite the able exam must You poem be to the.



  1. I know you are a guitarist, but are there any other instruments you are able to play?
  2. I’ll be able to take the cats to the vet on Friday.
  3. She was able to obtain a post in the government thanks to her family’s connections.
  4. His son could speak Dutch by the time he was three.
  5. If I wasn’t going to the beach I could give you a hand.
  6. He has been able to surf since the age of five.
  7. If I had been able to ease her pain I would’ve done it.
  8. She wants to be able to sing opera by next summer.
  9. He ought to be able to tie his shoes by now.
  10. You must be able to recite the poem for the exam.

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